“Heads or Tails”

March 12, 2014 § 1 Comment

I blame myself for flipping the coin
when it did not land on the side we wished for,
and if Fate were existent
my aversion towards it is infinite

for inflicting pain on us
when we did all but ask for it.
I did not choose to be born
or meet you by the lake
or live limited by demands from
the people who surround us.

If it were my choice, I would
choose to be the grains of sand
you lie on,
or the bed sheet
you sleep on,
or the clouds
you watch form,
or the friend
you console.

I wish to live without dejection
unless it is by your presence,
and I wish to be everyone
who is blessed to hug you
and kiss your cheek
and sit beside you
every day,

but I hate Fate, for introducing us
and deciding to separate us,
though if I were to control fate
I would meet you,
and cry with you
and laugh with you
and go through it all
over and over
again, and before it ends
I would choose otherwise.

but now,
because I do not believe in Fate,
I have none to blame
but myself
and my mind
which was unaware of deception,
and my fingers
which did not flip the coin
to the side
we both prayed it would,

and for that, I apologize
and I promise
the next time
you will see me grown
with fingers which can motion magic
and a mind able
to deceive an audience
and you, will be proud.


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