In Fury

April 30, 2014 § Leave a comment

They told me
“don’t write when you’re angry”
they told me
“don’t speak when you’re upset”
they said,
sleep when you feel so
or walk away
or distract yourself,

As though anger
is a feeling we must deny;
that it is one none feel,
as though
it is a taboo
to express rage
or distraught
or disapprove.

Even in our own emotions and reactions
are we taught to be submissive
and conceal them
when in reality,
they are there,
just as all else is.

I write in anger,
in wrath, tempered.
I will not hide behind
a rocky seashore
and block all waves of entering;
I will allow it as a tsunami
reaching out to destroy a village
and surrender myself
so it would consume my insides,
though I should be careful
of tilting as a saturated wet flower,

because anger fuels
hate, as oil fuels cars,
and one wouldn’t want that,
or at least,
we’ve been taught so.

I am even more upset
that you have taught me
to condition myself
and wrap my feelings
round a rope,
because when twilight creeps,
it reflects on you as well.

Don’t tell me what to feel –
I am whole,
and you’re only a filled cup
of water
when you tear me
and make me feel conflicted
about my very being.


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