Little Did She Know

May 31, 2014 § Leave a comment

you gave me a mug once,
and the day you left,
it fell on the floor
and cracked open
as the distance
between my soul
and body that night,

I thought it a coincidence,
but perhaps it
was a way of life
informing us
of the end
for the both of us,

a few weeks passed,
and I left it on the shelf,
with all of its little pieces
beside each other,
as though peasants
keeping one another warm
during the winter,

I decided I’d stick them
all together,
as to mend my heart
once again,
so I walked up to the shelf
the other day
to see that it had disappeared,

my mother threw it away,
I reacted without conscience,
I shouted at the one
who bore me within her skin
for about nine months,
and didn’t think of the consequence
of my reaction,

I left the room quickly
after questioning
her reason,
she said that the sharp edges
may press deep into my skin
and injure me,

when I reached the bathroom stall
I thought of you and
gave in to my desolation
and thought again
of what she has said
and how right she was,

she wanted to protect me
from an inanimate object,
worried that it may
scar my skin;

little did she know,
I had already been scarred,
in my mind by your presence,
and on my body from
the left-over stains
of your kisses,

little did she know,
her daughter
couldn’t be saved
even if she were
to throw away
every gift you ever gave me,
or every poem you ever wrote me,

not that I would allow it,
it’s not like
I don’t enjoy
your presence in every
direction I look,

though now,
I will be unable
to sip your poison
from the mug you gave me,
so I’ll continue injecting
my veins
by all that’s still left of you.


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