July 6, 2014 § 1 Comment

You entered my bubble
and introduced me to a different form of air,
other than that containing Nitrogen and Oxygen,

They were alien elements, from your world, I suppose,
I almost fainted at first,
My heart raced
and my mind chased it to the finish line of the running track,
You gave me all of the symptoms,
whereby being afraid and comforted
at the same time was no longer an irony.

They say Oxygen slowly rusts
in our bodies,
acting as a catalyst to death.
Perhaps you entered to save me,

I breathed a different atmosphere,
and Oxygen was no longer vital to my survival,
but when you left,
the symptoms crept again,
except, it was as an allergic reaction;
my eyes would flood my cheeks
with tears, staining my once-dry sleeves.

You know, it’s eerie, because I am not allergic to anything,
but some say you discover hidden allergies
once you’re older;
guess it took me seventeen years,
to realize,
that I am allergic to your absence.


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