am I allowed to crave your lips?

March 15, 2015 § 1 Comment

when they speak not
of poetry or rhymed-verse
only drunken nights
and vivid dreams
– such aimless goals,
drinking soma After Ford –

is it all right if I sent over
a dove with a letter,
told you I’d been wanting you
pressed against my skin
for another night round?

would you mind
if I invited you over this summer;
I’ll write a play,
and love,
be my lustrous actress

I’ll encapsulate your eyes and hips
as they blink and sway
from side to side,
I’d write you down
nail quotes onto walls
so you’d never runaway

careless girl,
I’ve never written
for one in real life
– such terms,
one who speaks of that
which I disagree –
utters sentences of débris

oh, darling
kiss me already,
take the lead,
for all my lips can do is speak
words from books
but yours direct
so I’ll commit a deadly sin,
and submit to greed


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