make a home out of me

September 2, 2015 § Leave a comment

I’ll give you; winter warmth
sunset summer breeze

I’ll make you; hot coffee
or tea, or both;

the comfort of sleep,
protection from light
behind my curtains,

I’ll be the roof
to dry you up
when it’s raining,

doors shut, from a
cruel world
when you cannot face it,

and dear,
if you’re upset with me,
I will shake the photos
of us, on my walls
to remind you of
the hills of memories
we’ve stocked up
over the years;

there are so many
empty rooms
to fill with more of us,

and when a book
soothes you more
than the radio
plugged into my core,
I will prepare you a bean chair
and make sure
no one rings my doorbell,

so make a home out of me,
and I will try
to keep you company


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