I wish I would die, if I could.

December 15, 2015 § 1 Comment

I’m not selfish, or brave enough, to kill myself.
But if I could, I would join the mobs of the revolution,
The angry feminists at the rallies,
The crazy hippies in front of the authorities.
I would join Ferguson against the police,
Stand in front of the occupier’s military vessel,
Scream, ‘To hell with your deceptive peace!’

If I could, I would write my life on a pedestal
And hand it to Them to chew.
I would cover my hands in mud
Let it solidify so I punch with all I’ve got.

I would, if I could,
But I am not brave enough
To commit suicide,
And if I were to acquire the skill of brevity,
My soul would be unable to unchain itself
Of what They’ve taught me –

Stick to the walls, walk beside them
And never tiptoe to see what it entails,
Care for your parents and children
Go volunteer, don’t be angry,
You’d be ruining our economy,
Let us handle the affairs
For we’ve got all the academic credentials
You could never afford
With all your life’s reserves,

Let us, the qualified, do what we do best
Let us write your textbooks and news
Let us feed you our correct views.
Care for your children,
What would they do if you’d died?
Don’t be a failed investment to your parents;
I’m not selfish enough to commit suicide.

If I could, I would,
If you snatch this paper and pen
I hold close to my heart,
I will die, inside
I will be another apathetic code,
But I will rise
I will revolt and cut my veins,
Use my blood as ink
And my tears as erasers to the edited lines,
I will use my land and the walls you’ve built
As a medium to voice my cries.

I wish I would die,
If I could,
I wish I could kill you all with me
And let the good survive.


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