The Night Falls

December 20, 2015 § Leave a comment

I have a secret, my lady –
A secret I hold close to my heart.
I meet you every night
And no, no
I don’t mean to frighten you
Please, don’t think so
You see, I once read in the books
Of history and philosophy
That our souls fly up higher than we can see,
When we sleep, they say,
Our spirits fly away

I meet you every night,
Up in the heavens,
We, dance and sway,
Imagined, near the bay
I look into your eyes,
I see your smile
I feel both dead and alive

But don’t be frightened, my darling,
It’s only the books
That say it’s this way,
And I’ve never been religious,
Nor pious, my dear
But a road sign towards your door,
Anyone in sight,
Even that beyond the shore,
Has me willing to drown and fight,
To meet your eyes,
I will
To stream my fingers down the curls of your hair,
As we would on the slides of our backyard
Any sign
That I be reignited
By your presence, once again,
I will battle more and more

And in the day, I will work restlessly,
Until all air in me
Is pulled, in a puff, ruthlessly,
I will wake early
Waterway the coffee,
I’m in no need for a chemical remedy
When I will soon hear the voice of a melody

I will work day, and day
So when I tread to my bed,
My dear, I fall head-down
And sleep instantly,
And hope, these books be true
And our souls rejoice together
For one more night with you.


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