The Egyptian

August 15, 2016 § Leave a comment


How long will I hold this in?
When there is no fire burning inside of me
And no fairies in green suits
Singing songs of joy.

This is not a tragedy;
This is nothingness.
The greatest of calamities:
A human soul was
Filled with hopes and dreams,
Until a moment flipped it upside down,
And a thousand jailed in the streets
Lit up a fire in the hopeless
Who were watching TV.
The jailed heroes became spies.
Five years ahead and
Now I am a traitor,
Void of hope, of meaning,
Of anything.

That is my sorrow;
This is my confession:
I am afraid as you all are,
As a star on television,
and an actor on stage
I rehearse my act hours everyday
As I stare at the ceiling
I fear to speak
Because my imagination has hindered me,
And my friends write me letters
From behind bars and under coffins.

Of all the motions,
I was seduced to nothingness,
And now I am the void
That holds this nation together.
We are all one bad day away
From a hopeless revolution
Against faith.

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